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Days on horseback

Half board accommodation

Participants mn-max

Travel days and support car

615 16 26 62

Santiago's road

O, Cebreiro -Santiago

Natural Areas of the Alto Ebro

Olleros de Pisuerga-Quintanilla del Rebollar

Sierra de la Demanda and Rioja

Quintanar de La Sierra- Navarrete

Ribera Sacara del Sil




San Salvador de Cantamuda_edited.jpg
Palentina Mountain


Discover Spain on horseback

Equestrian tourism or tourism on horseback is our passion, not only because we love to enjoy several days and many hours with our horse, but because it is a challenge in terms of the design of the routes, the logistics and the accommodation.

We consider it an adventure, and as such we enjoy it. First we choose which place we want to travel with our horses, later we look for high quality accommodation that can offer us space for the rest of the horses.

Given this, we take care of the gastronomic issue, the hallmark of our horse riding routes. With all this, to look for routes suitable for our horses, that offer us the right mix of control and adventure, surprise and objectives, but above all, that allow us to enjoy riding.

We have designed 5-day routes through natural environments of our geography that also have an important interest in terms of history, culture, and gastronomy, in this way we are convinced that riding is much more enjoyed.



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