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Rutas a caballo en la montaña palentina

5 days on horseback in the territory of the deer, the bear and the Palencia Romanesque. Always on horseback. From September 23 to 27. The bellowing of the deer is a spectacle of nature, which, framed in the mountains of Palencia, acquires its maximum expression. It is the announcement of autumn, the season of colors, where the Romanesque takes on another dimension.

Rutas a caballo en la montaña palentina

Deer bellowing in the mountains of Palencia.

Sound Romanesque in the territory of bears and wolves

Route program (September 2018)




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ruta a caballo en la berrea

Gredos Equestrian-Mudá

Transition day to travel with the support vehicles and the truck that transports our horses from Arenas de San Pedro to the Palencia mountain. Accommodation in the rural house "Entered" in Mudá.

Preparando a los chicos de Gredos Ecuestre

San Martín Herreros-Alto La Varga-

San Martín de los Herreros 21 kms

Impressive circular route through Valle Estrecho, where the density of the beech forests barely allows light to pass through. Here the deer finds the shelter it needs for its bellowing ritual. Accommodation in the rural house "La Camargue".

Gredo Ecuestre en Valle Estrecho

San Salvador Cantamuda

Gredos Equestrian

It is the return day, that of the summary of the trip and the time to recall the details and things that have marked us during the route. It is also time to prepare the next one.

With a farewell snack, the adventure of bellowing on horseback concludes at our facilities in Arenas de San Pedro.

Gredos Ecuestre en la montaña palentina

Mudá-San Martín Herreros 25 kms

The route runs practically flat, with some oak forests. The protagonist of the day is the Pisuerga river whose course we will follow from the vicinity of Cervera de Pisuerga to the tail of the Ruesga reservoir. Accommodation in the rural house "La Camargue."

Gredos Ecuestr en a montaña palentina

San Martín Herreros-San Salvador Cantamuda 25 kms

Today's tour will not lead to enjoying a general panoramic view of the Fuentes Carrionas Park, enjoying the Espigüete and Curavacas mountains. In contrast to the previous day, the oak groves and the high mountain meadows will accompany us throughout the journey. The route ends with the jewel of Palencia Romanesque, the church of San Salvador de Cantamuda. Accommodation at "Hostal La Taba" in San Salvador ".

Gredos Ecuestre e San Salvador de Cantamuda


The completion of the route is subject to the formation of a group of 6 participants.


The route program includes: travel by car for participants and luggage, 5 meals, 4 nights accommodation with half board, horse rental and guide service, accident insurance.


The completion of the tour does not ensure the sighting of wild fauna.


PRICE: € 950 / person

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