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Descover the Palencia Mountain


May to November

Why the Palencia Mountain?

The Palencia mountain is a land of transition, between plains cereal and big mountains (Peaks of Europe), between Castilian plateau and de Cantrabrian Sea. This situation determines its physognomy, the terrain. It is an accessible mountain but hard, unpolished nature, undomesticated, and of course, sparsely populated. Riding their trails and roads, grasslands and forests, it is a pleasure for the sense.

Popular and Romanesque architecture, safe values

All Palencia Mountain geography, is dotted hermitages and Romanesque churches, some alredy in ruins and other in perfect condition. Civil or popular architecture is also important higlighting the family coats of arms on many fronts. Too bad the progressive abandonment of the countryside, involving the disappearance of many buildings steeped in history.

Untouched nature

The variety of natural environments offering is unique in Palencia Mountain. The alternation of valeys and mountains create an amazing variety of forests of different species, such as beech, oaks, rowan, yew and holly. The conservation of this nature, causes the feeling that we are continually moving through places where no one has gone before, the privilege of being the first.

Rutas a caballo en la montaña palentina

Endless horizons mountains, and its huge skirts isolated valleys, rivers and lakes that collect the tears of winter and meadows impossible to guess without the will to go forward.

Wild and untamed mountain Palencia, is cruel and demanding caution beauty. Mazes hidden from those who are their masters look: wolves, bears and deer.


We ...... we are just strangers.




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The stages

  • Day 1.- Meeting point at Santander Airport and transfer to Mudá.

  • Day 2.- Mudá - San Salvador de Cantamuda. 37 kms

  • Day 3.- San Salvador de Cantamuda- Vidrieros. 28 kms.

  • Day 4.- Glaziers - San Martín de los Herreros. 25 kms

  • Day 5.- San Martín de los Herreros - Mudá. 33 kms.

Duration: 5 days Difficulty: Medium. 6/7 hours on the saddle. Includes: Accommodation 5 nights, 5 dinners, 5 breakfasts, 4 lunches, horse rental and guide service, accident insurance and car support. Nearest airport: Santander


Price: From 1080 € according to the number of riders

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