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Ruta a caballo en El Arenal

Vergel de Gredos, El Arenal

-1 day- 25 kms.

If in all our routes the senses enjoy everything that surrounds us, without a doubt this to El Arenal is outstanding. The different paths that bring us to this town in the south of Gredos show us riverside forests, chestnut and cherry plantations, extensive olive groves on terraced areas, sometimes with impossible slopes. As the roads curve, our view reaches to discover the Barranco de Las Cinco Villas, the meadows of neighboring Toledo or the immense granite walls of Gredos.

€ 100

Ruta a caballo en Guisando

Stewing, historical heritage

1 day- 26 kms.

This route always has something special. It is possible to go up to the town of Guisando on four different routes. Depending on the time of year, each route offers different nuances, cozy shades in summer, multiple colors in autumn, varied fruits in spring, and the smell of firewood and smoke in winter.

Guisando offers us its narrow streets, traditional architecture with materials provided by the environment and techniques typical of these lands, it lets us see the passage of its history and its people in many corners, generous in fountains and in waters that descend from the slopes steep slopes of the Sierra de Gredos.

€ 100


Duration: According to mileage, 6 to 7 hours on horseback

Support car: yes

Food: Yes

Accident insurance: Yes

Accommodation: No, although we can manage it if you choose a 2-day route

Ruta a caballo en la Sierra de Gredos
Ruta a caballo en Arenas de San Pedro
Ruta a caballo en Arenas de San Pedro
Ruta a caballo en Arenas de San Pedro

Grotto of the Eagle

1 day-24 kms

Another of the natural wonders that the south of the Sierra de Gredos offers us, the Gruta del Águila. Underground architecture that the passing of the centuries has shaped with infinite slowness and that we can enjoy.

To get to the grotto we will cross the Jewish quarter of Arenas de San Pedro, we will skirt the castle of Condestable Dávalos and crossing the medieval bridge of Aquelcabos, we will ride parallel to the Arenal river, a tributary of the Tiétar river. Riverside forest and wide pine forests border the path that leads to the Dehesa de Los LLanos, a settlement that gave rise to the current Arenas de San Pedro.

€ 100


Barrranco Cinco Villas

1 day-36 kms

Located in the natural pass between the Tiétar valley and the heights of Gredos we find the Barranco de las Cinco Villas, so called because in its extension there are five towns with the title of town. All retain to a greater or lesser extent much of their traditional architecture. But what is common to all of them is their natural environment, a glacial cirque with the imposing Villarejo mountains, the majestic Torozo over the Puerto de El Pico and its Roman road. This privileged situation has created an enormously varied natural environment, as well as the crops, as diverse as you can imagine thanks to its microclimate and a generous and fertile land.

€ 100

Ruta a caballo en la Sierra de Gredos
Ruta a caballo Cuevas del Valle
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